1. Anonymous said: ... did you get that message with the e-mail address?

    no i didn’t


  2. Anonymous said: Either way, just on the off chance that you get to read this: I hope you're having a nice time :)

    Yes, somehow still alive. Any way to contact you other than here?


  3. Anonymous said: Here's what colors are to Kandinsky: "Color is the keyboard. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano, with its many strings. The artist is the hand that purposefully sets the soul vibrating by means of this or that key. Thus it is clear that the harmony of colors can only be based upon the principle of purposefully touching the human soul." Sorry, I'll toss a coin into the too-cheesy-jar for that one ... and yes, Highfish :'D

    I so much love that cheesy-jar. My heart beats colours.

    And I miss the Highfish :)


  4. Anonymous said: What is your favourite die?

    It will always be the d20.

    My d20

  5. theparalyzedjesus:

    Adeptus Mechanicus - Warhammer 40K

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  6. unicorn-meat-is-too-mainstream:

    French Artist Creates Amazing Portraits from Liquid, Solid and Powdered Foods

    1. Bruce Lee in milk
    2. Ice Cube in crushed ice and salt
    3. The Mona Lisa in barbecue sauce
    4. Master Yoda in chewing gum
    5. Lauryn Hill in caramel
    6. Will Smith in condensed milk
    7. Mahatma Gandhi in chocolate drink
    8. Jack Sparrow in rum
    9. Eminem in honey

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  8. Anonymous said: Do you know the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky? In his mind, music crossed paths with color, presumably due to some sort of synesthesia. In other words, music turned into shapes and colors and he tried to express that with some of his art, which made it turn out ... that way. It's probably interesting to you to take a look at some of his paintings and to read up on him when you can find the time. You know, life shouldn't just be up, but also up-beat ;D

    Colours. Are. My. Life. Gonna check that out :)



  9. Anonymous said: what's up? :)

    Life is up :)

  11. nerdology:

    This *perfect* Xbox One ad comes courtesy of Kim Dotcom.

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  12. ingridmatthews:

    Pineapple Lace Parasol (by babukatorium)

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  13. allo-nsy:

    A collection of some of tumblr’s best asks

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  15. theperksofbeingahedgehog:

    “This woman spent a year building a 400,000 piece Lego replica of Hogwarts”


    i don’t even have enough patience to make a four wall 4x4 house. like wtf

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